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  • Running. Training for two half marathons this year, with the goal of running a full marathon next year. Interested in running? Start with zero-drop (barefoot) shoes and don't go back.
  • Climbing. I was able to briefly climb V8s indoors but want to start learning top-roped spot climbing too.
  • Business'ing. Running Dragon Blood Balm in addition to a full time life and day job.
  • Reading. I've been perennially guilty of buying more books than I actually read, and hope to make 2020 the year of more books read than acquired. Easier said than done when the world is so interesting.


  • Python3. After years of HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP-based projects, I'm realizing the more data-intensive applications I'm looking to build are better served by Python, and I'm relying less on web components (or creating web functions).
  • Finance and accounting. Things you need to know to run a business.
  • Metalearning. Learning how to learn, how to learn better.

Media Diet

A few years ago I made a conscious choice to pare down what media I consume. Rather than staring down a firehouse of unfiltered information, I prefer to get longer, curated, more thoughtful pieces from people whose opinions and perspectives I find interesting or challenging. Most of these are private communications.


  • Studio D Radiodurams Newsletter by Jan Chipchase (Design and Business)
  • "Irrational Exurberence" by Will Larson (Business and Technology)
  • Stratechery by Ben Thompson (Business and Technology)
  • Benedict Evan's Newsletter (Business and Technology)
  • Andrew Chen's Newsletter (Business and Technology)
  • Epsilon Theory (Finance)
  • Of Dollars and Data (Finance)
  • Barry Ritholtz's 10 Things in the Morning (Finance)
  • Peter Attia (Health)
  • Victor Zhou (Technology)
  • Farnam Street Newsletter by Shane Parrish (Thoughtful)
  • Craig Mod's Roden (Thoughtful)
  • Dan Hon's "Things That Have Caught My Attention" (Thoughtful)
  • Wait By Why (Thoughtful)
  • Ribbonfarm (Thoughtful)
  • Orbital Operations by Warren Ellis (Writing, Thoughtful)
  • Robin Sloan's Newsletter (Writing, Thoughtful)
  • Brand New / Under Consideration (Design, Creative)
  • Sidebar.io (Design)
  • Jarrett Fuller's Monthly Dispatch (Design)
  • LeanLuxe (Fashion, Design)
  • Business of Fashion (Business, Fashion)


  • Masters in Business by Barry Ritholtz (Business, Finance, Thoughtful)
  • The Tim Ferris Show (Thoughtful, Self Improvement)
  • The Knowledge Project by Shane Parrish (Thoughtful, Self Improvement)
  • On Margins (Creative, Thoughtful)
  • Tiny Desk Concerts (Music)
  • Song Exploder (Music)
  • Bandcamp Weekly (Music)
  • Spotify's Discover Weekly (Music)