A Simple Gallery
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A Simple Gallery

A Simple Gallery

The other day I was joking with a friend about stupid-ideas-of-the-week.

For example, would you be interested in a website dedicated to pictures of soup, call Stock Photography?

Cue dad-joke groan.

But then my friend suggested, "why not?". Throw it together, send it around for giggles. The world today could use some levity.

The conversation continued more technically, about what the minimal viable site would require. We had both been experimenting with static site generators recently (him Jekyll, me Hugo) and we threw a few ideas back and forth about what it would require to execute this, or to throw together a site for wedding photos, or some other type of gallery.

And the whole time, I was thinking Hey! I had a wedding recently! And I've not gotten around to sending the photos to people.

I was also thinking, My dad has a lot of photos that he takes and shares via combination of emails, whatsapp, google photos, and random services over the years, each one that has disappointed him in some way.

That evening, I put together a quick proof of concept call A Simple Gallery. It's a static site generator written in Python that builds a quick, one page image gallery when you throw your files in a folder.

It's pretty neat. You can check it out here: https://sharedphysics.github.io/ASimpleGallery/

The source code is available here: https://github.com/sharedphysics/ASimpleGallery/

I'll be adding more features in the future, but maybe you can use it to throw together your own quick gallery.