Hi, I'm Roman.

I help companies solve challenging business problems using research, design, code, and marketing.

Currently, I'm:

  • Driving strategic growth and building a department at Pager as their Director of Marketing
  • Helping climbers and athletes recover as the Co-Founder and COO of Dragon Blood Balm
  • Building and prepping for beta launch as CEO of Recommended.Systems
  • Exploring how technology goes wrong via Error States


How I Built A Simple Image-Gallery Static Site Generator
I recently built a static site generator that scratched quite a few itches for me, not least of all being 'learning python'. The project was relatively straightforward: you can put your photos into a folder structure, run the code, and out pops a simple, static HTML/CSS site.

Easey: A Ghost Blog Theme
A Ghost blog theme that straddles knowledge base and blogging use cases, adapted from IVEEL's "Ease" theme.

Mockingbird Mixtapes
Between 2013 and 2017, I mixed a lot of music under the name Mockingbird & also released a #DarkSounds EP under As In Space.

A Simple Gallery
A static site generator written in Python that builds a quick, one page image gallery when you throw your files in a folder. Because, why not?

Error States
A blog exploring how public digital infrastructure breaks.

Thought Leaders
The embedding of modern philosophy & semiotics in business and corporate communication. Some case studies. Some mockups of philosophy x business.

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